Dr. Zhan Pang


Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
Department of Management Science
Lancaster University Management School

Phone (O): (+44) 1524593731
z.pang@lancaster.ac.uk and dr.zhan.pang@gmail.com
Office: LUMS A59

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Zhan Pang is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) of Management Science at Lancaster University Management School. He is also adjunct professor in Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). He holds BS and MS degrees in Mathematics from Nanjing University, and a PhD degree in Operations Research from Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining  Lancaster University in 2010, he had been working at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of   University of Calgary, Judge Business School of University of Cambridge, and Rotman School of Management of University of Toronto as  postdoctoral research fellow.  

Zhan Pang has published in pricing and revenue management, inventory and production operations management, risk management and supply chain management.  His research has appeared in several top journals in operations field, including Operations Research, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, etc. His current research interests include big data and business analytics in marketing, operations and risk management, and corporate operational and risk strategy. He has consulted in the online retailing, pharmaceutical, health service, energy and financial service industries, and is currently an independent director of a public energy technology company listed on the HKEx.


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  2. Pedro Crespo Del Granado, Stein W. Wallace and Zhan Pang (2015) The Impact of Wind Uncertainty on the Strategic Valuation of Distributed Electricity Storage. To appear in Computational Management Science.
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  17. Youyi Feng, Jihong Ou and Zhan Pang (2008) Optimal Control of Price and Production in an Assemble-to-Order System. Operations Research Letters 36(4) 2008, 506-512.
  1. Biases in Online Consumer Review Valence: Implications for Pricing and Social Interaction Strategies (with Xuying Zhao).
  2. Advance Selling with Price Guarantee: Profiting from Demand Uncertainty (with Xuying Zhao).
  3. Dynamic Financial Hedging Strategies for a Stochastic Commodity with Demand Uncertainty (with Panos Kouvelis and Qing Ding).
  4. Capacity Management of Medical Services under Competition and Performance-Based Incentives (with Houyuan Jiang and Sergei Savin).
  5. Dual Sourcing with Random Supply Capacity (with  Xin Chen).
  6. Dynamic Booking Control for Car Rental Revenue Management: A Decomposition Approach (with Dong Li).
  7. Does a Product Recall Matter to All Consumers After a Product Harm Crisis? (with Didier Soopramanien and Yong Cao)
  8. Smart Data Pricing: The Value of Shared Data Plans (with Yue Jin)
  9. Oligoplistic Dynamic Revenue Management


  1. Smart Data Pricing: To share or not to share? (with Yue Jin, Bell Lab), workshop on Smart Data Pricing at  INFOCOM 2014, Toronto.  (Featured on the IEEE Comsoc blog)
  2. Value, Trading Strategies and Financial Investment of Natural Gas Storage Assets (with Y. Feng).  Northern Finance Association Conference 2008,  Kananaskis.
  3. Supply Chain Coordination via Capacity Options with Uncertain Demand and Supply (with H. Shen).   IEEE: Systems, Man and Cybernetics,  IEEE International Conference  on Volume 7, 10-13 Oct. 5997 - 6002, 2004. 

My curriculum vitae is available here.

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