Dr. Zhan Pang


Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
Department of Management Science
Lancaster University Management School

Phone (O): (+44) 1524593731
z.pang@lancaster.ac.uk and dr.zhan.pang@gmail.com

Office Hours: Monday 2PM-4PM or by appointment in Room A59

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Assessing the Strategic Role and Economic Value of Energy Storage in the Presence of Renewable Supply and Smart Grid

My current interest in energy area focuses on the strategic role and value of energy storage for the energy systems with intermittent renewable supply. I work closely with my colleague Stein W. Wallace and Ph.D. student Pedro Crespo Del Granado. We use a bottom-up approach, investigating the operating strategies and the value of energy storage from the end users' perspective. We have modeled varieties of end user systems, from residential (domestic) houses and community systems. We also tested our models with real-life data not only to demonstrater how they work but also to provide practical insights. We also interact with organizations actively to seek opportunities to put our theory in practice or build the theory from practice.

Working papers and publications:

Energy Management for Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and Cloud Computing



Food Supply Chain Coordination

Grocery Pricing and Inventory Management

Commodity Price Risk Management

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