Dr Matthew Rowe

Lecturer in Social Computing

Email: m.rowe@lancaster.ac.uk
Address: School of Computing and Communications, Infolab 21, Lancaster University,
Lancaster, LA1 4WA UK

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  • New NERC-funded project starting in June 2014 'Analysis of historic drought and water scarcity in the UK: a systems-based study of drivers, impacts and their interactions'. Research will be conducted into Language Cascade Mining from Social Media
  • The 4th Making Sense of Microposts (#Microposts2014) has been accepeted at the World Wide Web Conference. Papers due: 7th January 2014. Also to feature entity extraction and disambiguation challenge.
  • Begun supervising a new Ph.D. student: Daniel Kershaw, who will be looking at language diffusion through social networks.


My core research interest is in the area of Social Computing where I examine how users engage with the social web and social media, and how such engagement changes over time and the factors that are linked with such changes. To facilitate my research I examine the following topics:
  • Automated prediction methods based on machine learning (i.e. objective optimisation techniques)
  • Data mining using statistical models and scalable pattern recognition techniques
  • The semantic web and linked data, including user and community representation paradigms
  • Identity disambiguation and coreference resolution

Before joining Lancaster I worked for two years (2010-2012) as a Research Assciate at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) at the Open University, Milton Keynes, on the EU-Funded Integrated Project ROBUST. On the project I worked on semantic models of user behaviour, role mining and community health and behaviour change prediction methods. Before joining KMi I studied for a Ph.D. (2006-2010) under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Ciravegna at the University of Sheffield. My Ph.D. thesis explored automated identity disambiguation methods and how such methods could be supported using Social Data leveraged from Social Web platforms such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Recent Publications

  • Towards Tracking and Analysing Regional Alcohol Consumption Patterns in the UK through the use of Social Media. D Kershaw, M Rowe and P Stacey. To appear in the proceedings of the Web Science Conference 2014. Bloomington, US. (2014)
  • Mining and Comparing Engagement Dynamics Across Multiple Social Media Platforms. M Rowe and H Alani. To appear in the proceedings of the Web Science Conference 2014. Bloomington, US. (2014)
  • Proceedings of the Making Sense of Microposts Workshop (#Microposts2014) at the World Wide Web Conference. M Rowe, M Stankovic and A Dadzie. Seoul, South Korea. (2014)
  • Text-based User-kNN: Measuring User Similarity Based on Text Reviews. M Terzi, M Rowe, M Angelo Ferrario and J Whittle. To appear in the proceedings of the User Modelling, Adaptation and Personalisation Conference 2014. Aalborg, Denmark. (2014)
  • The Semantic Evolution of Online Communities. M Rowe and M Strohmaier. In the proceedings of the World Wide Web Conference (Web Science Track) 2014. Seoul, South Korea. (2014)
For a full list of my publications click here.


Ph.D. Student Supervision

I currently supervise the following Ph.D. students:
  • Daniel Kershaw - Researching language diffusion through social networks
  • Maria Terzi - Researching review-based recommender systems


  • Analysis of historic drought and water scarcity in the UK: a systems-based study of drivers, impacts and their interactions. To start in June 2014. NERC funded for 4-years. SCC Role: Language Cascade Mining from Social Streams.
  • Pattern Analsysis for aTTention Economics in Social web systems (PATTES). 2013-2014. Lancaster Unviersity Internal Funding.

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