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CJ Taylor, Engineering Department, Faculty of Science & Technology, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.

MATLAB functions for time series analysis, forecasting and control. To access the download, please complete the form below. This information is used only by the authors; it helps us to see how the toolbox is being used, and hence motivates further development of these freely available tools.

In case you arrived here from an external site, here is a link to my CAPTAIN web page, including links to the new Getting Started Guide, author contact details, and other background information. Peter Young also has a web site devoted to the CAPTAIN Toolbox: it reports recent news and developments, as well as providing discussions on technical issues airsing:

UPDATE (July 2017) The latest version of the toolbox merges the previously available CAPTAIN and TDC toolboxes into one package. The oldest version of MATLAB that is fully compatible with the download is MATLAB 2014a.

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Please mention your organisation/company in the comments if possible, since this helps the authors to justify the time spent developing these tools to our own institution. We would also appreciate any comments about why you are downloading the files e.g. True Digital Control book, for rainfall–flow modelling, VFLUX user, etc.

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