Dissertation Topics 2007/2008


Specific topics:
  1. Indian Monsoon analysis and prediction using monthly and daily data:
    1. onset dates and overall rainfall.
    2. scale and other spatial analysis (modelling on several scales: from sub-continent to single province)
    3. rainfall-discharge analysis: does spatial averaging help? (jointly with Dr. Nick Chappell)
    4. long term trends and cycles in Indian Monsoon and other climatic indices and phenomena (SST, El Nino, temperature anomalies etc.)


  1. Looking for evidence of climate change in regional (North-West England) long term climate data, including using data from historical records (jointly with Dr. Rob Mackenzie).

  2. Rainfall-discharge dynamic modelling of River Eden (jointly with Dr. Arun Chotai)

  3. Montserrat volcano seismic tilt-cycles: analysis of oscillations in field data and laboratory experiments.  (jointly with Dr. Steve Lane)

  4. Investigating the nature of Strombolian eruptions: modelling of ascending gas slugs using experimental data (jointly with Dr. Steve Lane)

  5. Atmospheric ozone: is it still disappearing? Trend and seasonality analysis (jointly with Dr. Rob Mackenzie).

  6. Effects of forestation on river flow in Thailand (jointly with Dr. Nick Chappell)

  7. Deforestation impacts on SE Asian hydrology (jointly with Dr. Nick Chappell)


General applied modelling areas:


  1. Analysis and detection of change, trends and cycles in long term hydrological and climatic data. Looking for evidence of climate change and land use (and other human induced) effects.

  2. Forecasting, scenario analysis and sensitivity analysis.



I also offer to supervise jointly with other members of staff any dissertation topics where data analysis, visualisation and modelling is involved. In particular any time series and other types of dynamic models are of interest. Please discuss any such topics in detail with both staff members before submitting.   

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