Zheng Wang Zheng Wang

School of Computing and Communications
Lancaster University

I am a lecturer (assistant professor) in Lancaster University in the School of Computing and Communications. I am also:

I am running Compucast, a podcast for computer scientists.

My research interests span compiler implementation and optimisation, runtimes, performance, energy efficiency and (recently) security for mobile and data centers.

August, 2017: I have two fully funded PhD studentships available. Being an advisor to students is the best part of my job. Have a look at my research interests and recent publications. If any of those grab you, send me with a CV and a short text describing your background. See here on tips on doing a PhD

Research Team:


  • Vicent Sanz Marco
  • Volker Seeker

PhD students:

  • Rodrigo Caetano Rocha 10/2016 -, co-supervise with Hugh Leather and Murray Cole from the University of Edinburgh
  • Ben Taylor 10/2015 -, supported by a FST PhD studentship
  • Willy WOLFF, 02/2016 -, co-supervise with Geraint North from ARM, support by an iCASE PhD studentship.
  • William Ogilvie (PhD student, co-supervise with Hugh Leather from the University of Edinburgh)
  • Jie Ren (Visiting PhD student, 09/2015-03/2016)


  • Best Paper Award: PACT 2010, CGO 2017, PACT 2017
  • Best Presentation: PACT 2010
  • HiPEAC Paper Award: PLDI 2009
  • Bravo Award for outstanding technical contribution to Software Development Toolkit for IBM CELL BroadBand Engine Processor, IBM: 2007

Selected Publications (a longer list | Complete List @ Lancaster Uni. Portal|Google Scholar)

  • Machine Learning in Compilers, Proceedings of the IEEE 2018
  • Auto-tuning Streamed Applications on Intel Xeon Phi, IPDPS 2018
  • Improving Spark Application Throughput Via Memory Aware Task Co-location: A Mixture of Experts Approach, Middleware 2017
  • End-to-end Deep Learning of Optimization Heuristics, PACT 2017 (Best Paper Award!)
  • Adaptive Optimization for OpenCL Programs on Embedded Heterogeneous Systems, LCTES 2017
  • Synthesizing Benchmarks for Predictive Modeling, CGO 2017 (Best Paper Award)
  • Minimizing the cost of iterative compilation with active learning, CGO 2017
  • Cracking Android Pattern Lock in Five Attempts, NDSS 2017 (Media Coverage: Daily Mail, The Times, Independent, Mirror, Forbes, and many others...)
  • Automatic and Portable Mapping of Data Parallel Programs to OpenCL for GPU-based Heterogeneous Systems, ACM TACO 2015
  • Exploitation of GPUs for the Parallelisation of Probably Parallel Legacy Code, CC 2014
  • Portable Mapping of Data Parallel Programs to OpenCL for Heterogeneous Systems, CGO 2013, (Best Presentation Award)
  • Smart, Adaptive Mapping of Parallelism in the Presence of External Workload, CGO 2013
  • Partitioning Streaming Parallelism for Multi-cores: A Machine Learning Based Approach, PACT 2010, (Best Paper Award, Best Presentation Award)
  • Towards a Holistic Approach to Auto-Parallelization - Integrating Profile-Driven Parallelism Detection, PLDI 2009, (HiPEAC Paper Award)


Sept, 2013 -, Lecturer, School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University.

2012 - 2013, Research Associate, the University of Edinbugh.

2007 - 2011, PhD Student, the University of Edinburgh. Aademic advisor: Professor Michael O'Boyle FBCS.

2005 - 2007, Research Staff member, IBM China