Zheng Wang Zheng Wang

School of Computing and Communications
Lancaster University

Research Interests

My research focus is in the areas of parallel compilers, runtime systems and the application of machine learning to tackle the challenging optimisation problems within these areas. My research interests include:

  • Compiler-based parallelism mapping: how to map a parallel program to the underlying hardware to achieve the best (energy-efficient) performance.
  • Code generation and optimisation for heterogeneous many-cores: I am interested in how can compilers generate efficient code for the emerging heterogeneous many-core systems, such as a CPU-GPGPU system.
  • Auto-parallelising compilers: I am currently investigating the use of dynamic analysis together with machine learning to develop a new approach that gives scalable performance for many-cores.
  • Runtime scheduling: how to schedule multiple concurrently running tasks in a multi-tasking environment to maximise the system-level performance (e.g. throughput or energy-efficiency).
  • Research into energy efficient computing through system software including just-in-time compilers and operating systems.

Research Projects: