Alumni Careers Fair

  • Minor Hall, Lancaster University
  • Wednesday 30th October, 11am-3.30pm

The Alumni Careers Fair is part of Career Opportunities, the University's annual careers fair, which incorporates both the Alumni Careers Fair and the Employer Exhibition.

The Alumni Careers fair offers students non-biased information on specific professions and business sectors.

Students can talk to a Lancaster graduate on a one-to-one basis about their employment experience and interests.

Alumni who have volunteered in the past have really enjoyed talking to students.

Students are particularly interested in:

  • what your job involves now
  • what your company is like to work for
  • how you obtained your current or previous jobs
  • how they could get into your area of work
  • how will they know "if it is right" for them

Students are often interested in your previous jobs, voluntary work, travel etc.

To volunteer for the Alumni Careers Fair please fill in the sign-up form, email Louise Coleman, or call 01524 594109.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.