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  • 60 Seconds with Shack

    David Shackleton (Shack) - History and Politics, 1988, Fylde - is MD of Phantom Music Management currently overseeing the antics of metal band, Iron Maiden.

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  • What Lancaster Means to Us

    Cat Smith (Gender and Sociology, 2006, Cartmel) has just completed her first year as a Labour MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood. Here she and her father, Alan talk about their memories of studying at Lancaster.

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  • Daniel Tests Extremes of Theatre at Lancaster

    Perhaps one of the most extreme things Daniel Ings (Theatre Studies, 2008, Bowland)  has ever had to do was fill in for Benedict Cumberbatch at six hours notice in the National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein, only two years after entering the acting profession.

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