Sarah studied for an MSci in Maths and Stats and graduated in 2010. She was a member of Fylde College.

I was based at the Excel in London for the first seven days of the Olympics as a member of the fencing warm-up team.  Our main task was looking after athletes as they warmed up and ensuring they went through the call room and out into the field of play exactly on time.  I had the same role for the fencing test event a year before the Olympics.  I had such an amazing time meeting all the athletes and got the chance to watch quite a few other events too.  My personal highlight was getting to wear a gold medal! I also helped out at the Paralympics for the wheelchair fencing at the beginning of September.  My role was slightly different - I escorted the athletes out into the field of play.  It was an amazing feeling leading the athletes to their pistes accompanied by dramatic music and tremendous rounds of applause.  Volunteering at both the Olympics and Paralympics was most definitely the experience of a lifetime!