Were you in the LU First XV Squad circa 1966? Who do you recognise?

This photo was kindly supplied by Peter Joynson, French, 1968 (Lonsdale) who says “Dave Pierce (with the ball) was the club captain then. He was succeeded by Keith Chisholm. I think that Ron Hayden, an ardent supporter of Castleford RL club, provided the main inspiration for the design of the team shirt, but others were involved, of course”.

This is who we think is in the picture (but we stand to be corrected!) if you are in the photo, or know others who were, please get in touch, we would love to hear your memories from that time!

Back row (L-R) Paddy O'Halloran (2) Steve Bradley (3) ??? (4) Tom Kendall (5) Wayne Perdue (6) Mick Dyson (7) Dave Baines (8) ??? (9) Keith Chisholm (10) Tim Boddington (11) Ralph ?

Front Row (L-R):  (1) Taff Morgan; (2) John Daintith; (3) John Allen; (4) ??; (5) Tudor Phillips; (6) Dave Pierce; (7) Steve Robinson; (8) Mick Gray; (9) Ron Hayden; (10) Pete Joynson; (11) Andy Christou