Guy Shahar (MA Values and the Environment, 1999) talks about his book and charity project linked to autism

Guy Shahar graduated with a Masters in Values & Environment in 1999. Now, more than 15 years later, his life is taking on a new and exciting challenge. Since his 1-year old son was assessed as having a probable case of ‘severe’ autism in 2011, his family has been determined to improve his quality of life, despite being told that this was not possible.

They did their research, found methods with real evidence behind them, and even took Daniel to a specialist clinic for autistic toddlers in Israel for three weeks of cutting edge treatment. It was the best decision they made.  With continued work at home, Daniel’s speech quickly started to return, the meltdowns receded, his various sensitivities subsided and he again became an open, happy and communicative boy.  He is now 7, living a fulfilled life and thriving in a mainstream school, things that would have seemed unthinkable just 5 years ago. 

Earlier this year, Guy detailed how his family brought about these radical changes in the book, Transforming Autism, which is available worldwide from Amazon and aims to empower parents with autistic children and to give them real hope and real practical ways to help them live full lives and realise their potential.  Shortly after that, he began to offer consultations to families with autistic children to help them apply these methods in their own environment. Now, he is launching a new charity called The Transforming Autism Project ( with the aim of redefining perceptions globally of the nature of autism and of revolutionising how it is treated. They are currently looking for volunteers/Trustees. As part of this project, Guy will be giving a TED talk in November entitled The Beautiful Reality of Autism, which will be available online in the new year. You can contact Guy direct at