STOR-i Alumni Early Career Research and Leadership Talk: Mark Bell

Date: Friday 16 November 2018, 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Venue: PSC A54 LT
Open to: Postgraduates, Staff
Registration: Registration not required - just turn up

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STOR-i Alumni, Dr Mark Bell, will present on early career research and leadership to the STOR-i students. This session will include a 30 minute talk from Mark about his research since leaving STOR-i , followed by a 30 minute open discussion on Mark's early career progress.

Since completing his PhD in 2015, Mark has tried his hand at both industry and academia. Initially he worked as a Data Scientist at dunnhumby (the company behind the Tesco clubcard) in the Price and Promotions Science team. Projects centred around demand models for retail. These effectively involve understanding customers’ responses to changes in the key levers over which the retailer has control, such as their sensitivity to price change, promotion and display location in the store.

He has since moved back to academia and now works as a postdoc at the University of Reading. The project involves modelling network data as an exponential random graph model (ERGM) and performing Bayesian inference, using Monte Carlo methods such as MCMC and SMC. Inference for ERGMs is infeasible for all but small networks – the project’s focus is on improving inference for larger networks.

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Wendy Shimmin
+44 1524 594362
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