VOX Coaching: In the Spotlight

Date: Wednesday 13 June 2018, 9:00am to 5:00pm
Venue: FST Training Rooms 1 & 2
Open to: Postgraduates, Staff, Undergraduates
Speaker: VOX Coaching

Event Details

VOX Coaching will be delivering a presentation and communication skills workshop entitled In the Spotlight on Wednesday 13 June.  This will be a full day course for a maximum of 30 participants. 
In the Spotlight is a course for people who know a great deal about the ‘what’ of communication but would like to develop the ‘how’.  It helps participants communicate in a style that matches their content, suits their audience and does justice to the information and evidence at their command.
Although the course is tailored to the individual needs of the participants, some of the major topics addressed are likely to be:
• How to truly prepare and rehearse
• Creating and using slides effectively
• Establishing a confident ‘house style’
• Managing nerves and coping with pressure
• Engaging a range of audiences
Participants will acquire the understanding and practical skills that enable them to step up into the spotlight with confidence and flair. They will enjoy a lively, upbeat day of exploration, exercises and individual diagnosis, and leave armed with valuable skills that have a lasting impact.
Places are limited, so please email w.shimmin@lancaster.ac.uk to reserve your place on the course.
Further details of the course and VOX Coaching can be found here: In the Spotlight course description

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