About check-in and your data


How does iLancaster attendance check-in work?

A small beacon (known as an iBeacon) is placed in each teaching room that has been timetabled for undergraduate teaching sessions. The iLancaster mobile app (on phones and tablets) is used to pick up a signal from the iBeacon and register your attendance at the session.

By default you're set up to check in automatically - so when you go to a timetabled session:

  • You'll be checked in automatically (providing you have Bluetooth and Location Services turned on for your device). You won't need to have iLancaster open on your device for this to happen.
  • You'll receive a push notification to confirm that your attendance has been registered (providing you have Notifications turned on for your device).
  • Check-in will be available from 5 minutes before the session is scheduled to start, until 10 minutes after the session is scheduled to end. 

If you're set to check in automatically but your Bluetooth isn't turned on, you'll see a warning on the Attendance Check-in tile. Turn your Bluetooth on. Providing you're in range of the iBeacon and within the timeframe for checking in, you'll be checked in automatically.

Note that having your device set up to check you in automatically and having your Bluetooth and location services turned on will mean that you won’t have to receive as many notifications reminding you about checking in.

More about how to use Attendance Check-in in iLancaster

If you'd prefer to check in manually - here's how to switch off automatic check-in and check in manually


Are all students using iLancaster attendance check-in?

No, only undergraduate programmes are using iLancaster attendance check-in.


Can you track where I am?

No - other than recognising that you're at the location of one of your timetabled sessions at the time it takes place, the system can't monitor where you are.

If you receive a notification saying you should be at a timetabled session the system does not know where you are, it has simply identified that you're not checked-in at the session location.


Why does the University gather attendance data?

Lancaster University gathers information about students' attendance in order to:

  • Help in providing an early alert where students may be experiencing academic difficulties or wellbeing issues, thus maximising opportunities for the University to offer support.
  • Monitor attendance against compulsory teaching events.
  • Satisfy Home Office requirements for those who hold a Tier 4 Student Visa.

Student attendance guidelines - information about how data from iLancaster Attendance Check-in is used for monitoring student engagement


What data about me is being collected?

Data from all your timetabled teaching sessions is collected.


What happens to the data that's collected?

Data that's collected via iLancaster is transferred into the student records system.


Can I see my data?

You can see your attendance data via the iLancaster Attendance Information tile, or using your usual method. Data is updated in the system daily.

You can also see your 'Check-in history' via the Attendance Check-in tile - this shows your check-ins for that week and whether you checked in automatically or manually.