About check-in and your data


How does iLancaster attendance check-in work?

Use Geolocation check-in to register your attendance.

Check-in will be available from 5 minutes before the session is scheduled to start, until 5 minutes after the session is scheduled to end. 

To use Geolocation check-in:


Are all students using iLancaster attendance check-in?

No, only undergraduate programmes are using iLancaster attendance check-in.


Can you track where I am?

We can't track you, and we only know your location at the point when you check in.


Why does the University gather attendance data?

Lancaster University gathers information about students' attendance in order to:

  • Help in providing an early alert where students may be experiencing academic difficulties or wellbeing issues, thus maximising opportunities for the University to offer support; and
  • Satisfy Home Office requirements for those who hold a Tier 4 Student Visa.

Student attendance guidelines - information about how data from iLancaster Attendance Check-in is used for monitoring student engagement


What data about me is being collected?

Data from all your timetabled teaching sessions is collected.


What happens to the data that's collected?

Data that's collected via iLancaster is transferred into the student records system.


Can I see my data?

You can see your attendance data by clicking the iLancaster 'Attendance Hub' tile then 'History', or using your usual method. Data is updated in the system daily.

Your 'History' shows your check-ins for that week. To see further back than a week, follow the link to see your student record.