Your department represents your academic home, while your College provides personal support, accommodation and social events


Every student and every member of staff at Lancaster University belongs to one of nine Colleges. Your College will be your home and your social centre for your time here at Lancaster, and will also offer personal support.

All undergraduate students have a College Advisor who is available to give general advice on academic and welfare matters and to assist in resolving any problems which may arise. You will also have access to a College Administrator, and some Colleges have tutors specifically for international students. Details will be given to you by your College.

A Junior Common Room Exec (JCR) and Fresher Reps are also available to help students with any questions or queries they may have or any welfare issues that may arise.

Each College also has a Residence Officer who is available to help with any issues relating to your accommodation, and a team of Porters who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's who you will go to to collect your mail or report any problems outside of normal office hours. 

Your JCR and College will organise various social events throughout the year which are great places to meet new friends and join in the College spirit.


Academic Departments

Subjects are grouped with other similar disciplines in academic departments, sometimes called schools. These departments are grouped with similar departments into faculties. Therefore, whichever course you are studying will dictate the department to which you belong. Here is a breakdown of the faculties and departments in Lancaster University.

The locations of academic departments are spread across the University. Most of the formal teaching of undergraduates and taught postgraduates is conducted within the academic departments, and research students also meet with their supervisors here.

Departments have different types of facilities but usually they consist of seminar rooms, departmental offices and IT facilities. The Management School also has its own lectures theatres, group work spaces, meeting rooms and a café.