Introduction to Marketing

Students must study MKTG101 in Year 1. This year-long module serves as an introduction to the theory, tools and techniques of Marketing, teaching you all the foundational touch-points of Marketing which will be further developed in detail and depth throughout your second and final year. You will explore subject areas such as: Business-to-Business Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Services Marketing, International Marketing, and Consumer Behaviour, to Advertising, Digital Marketing and Strategic Marketing Planning.

Throughout the year, you will be asked to consider how theory works in practice, by examining your own experience of marketing as well as contexts obtained from the press and broadcast media. Part of your learning will be based on coursework; much of this will involve working in groups but you will also harness the skills of independent learning through individual course submissions.

Further to this students can choose any two subjects from across the university (subject to availability and timetabling). These subjects need not be Marketing related but some advisable and good subject fits with Marketing are: Accounting & Finance; Design; Law; Economics; Management and Organisation; Media Film and Cultural Studies; Management Sciences; Psychology; Sociology. Such flexibility allows you to choose subjects that excite you, with the ability to then continue with these into your second and final year. This enables the development of not only a strong major in Marketing but a strong minor in other subject areas that you are passionate about.