Corporate Governance

The governance of corporations is of great public, political and academic interest.

This module introduces (and then explores in more depth) the main areas of English law and legal practise relating to Corporate Governance. We use the theory of company law, the "stakeholder debate", comparative corporate law, and regulation and globalisation as the background for our study.

Throughout this engaging module, comparisons will be made to relevant parts of the law in Europe, the USA, Canada, China and other jurisdictions.

We will also consider the governance of family and closely-controlled firms from a comparative perspective. And, we will examine the roles of key players within such firms - from the board and its sub-committees, to shareholders and institutional investors.

A combination of independent reading and regular seminars with our highly-regarded, research-active academics will provide you with a sound grasp of the major legal regimes that govern corporate governance. You will also develop a greater understanding of the central questions and debates arising from this area of law.