International Human Rights Law

How do international laws protect, govern and shape your human rights?

This course provides an overview of the various rights that are protected through international instruments: civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

You will also be given a general introduction to regional and universal systems for human rights protection and promotion. This will focus on the UN human rights system but you will be encouraged to take a comparative view of regional human rights protection systems.

You will gain a substantive and procedural knowledge of human rights through the international system. And you’ll engage with some key debates in this legal arena, such as the development of human rights and the human rights obligations of non-state actors.

To get the most from this module, you will have some knowledge of general international law and have a law or social science background.

Our prestigious Law School is home to some of the most highly-regarded international lawyers and research-active lecturers - you will benefit from their expertise as they teach on areas closely aligned with their own research interests.