Geologic Mapping

This module is designed for students to learn geologic mapping and to further their understanding of geologic and geomorphologic processes, and Earth science field skills in an outdoor setting. Taught mainly as a residential course, based on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, students learn how to collect field data in order to make a single solid geologic map.Students are taught to describe, sketch, photograph and map key localities.They are taught geologic mapping skills and safety in the field.As well as gaining familiarity with one particular field area students also visit some of the oldest rocks in the UK and the rocks that formed during the opening of the Atlantic Ocean on the island of Staffa.Therefore knowledge and understanding of a wide range of geologic terrains in different geographic environments is gained as well as specific field skills.

On completing this module, students will have developed the knowledge required to apply the techniques of geologic map making, and will understand the uses of geologic maths. Students will gain the practical skills required to make scaled maps, write comprehensive field notes and plot structural data on maps, and will be able to recall key aspects of the geological history of the British Isles, from the Precambrian to the present day.