Introduction to Management and Information Systems


The purpose of the module is to provide students with the opportunity to appreciate the role that information systems play in each of the key functions within an organisation, and importantly, to consider the argument for integration and differentiation.This is one of the key issues being faced by contemporary organisations and especially with regard to enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

The course itself is based on the model of an enterprise-wide (or ERP) system and provides students with a range of perspectives for thinking critically about the role and function of IS across the organisational domain. Each week students are presented with a particular function represented by ERP systems. These include:

All of which are represented within ‘off the shelf’ ERP software applications. Through case studies, exercises and traditional lectures students are given a set of theoretical and practical tools for understanding the complexity, opportunities, and risks associated with the purchase, implementation, and integration of ERP applications in a variety of organisational settings.