Business Ethics

The main aim of this course is to provide students with a critical understanding of the moral foundations that shape business and management. It will examine the various perspectives through which we make sense and speak about ethics and the ways in which they influence and direct our moral choices both on an individual and an institutional level.

The delivery of this course has two main components. First, a traditional series of weekly lectures that will introduce some of the key ideas and theoretical frameworks that will help you understand the main themes and issues in business ethics. Secondly and in parallel with the lectures, there will be a series of student-led debates that aim to further explore the often complex and intractable nature of these issues.

As information covered in class often will not be found in your readings, it is to your benefit to attend class regularly. A significant portion of the course grade derives from work and activities in the classroom. Most importantly, class time allows you to interact with and learn from one another.