Lakes, Rivers and Estuaries

This module covers primarily the physical processes and phenomena that govern the nature of lakes, rivers and estuaries. It also covers the biological and chemical processes that operate within the framework of their physical structure and investigates how the physical, chemical and biological aspects of lakes, rivers and estuaries influence and relate to each other.

Students shall become well versed in the following areas: the nature and functioning of aquatic environments, the ways in which physical, chemical and biological processes and phenomena interact in the environment,and ways in which fundamental scientific concepts play out in the environment. From this, they will be able to determine the water quality and ecological health of these areas.

Students will also acquire the skill of interpreting data sets generated by instrumentation that are widely deployed for monitoring and management purposes in lakes, rivers and estuaries.They will also learn how curiosity-driven scientific understanding can be applied in the exploitation, management and conservation of aquatic environments.