Law and Global Health

How does the law impact on global health challenges? How is legal governance of global health developing? And what are the challenges facing this important area of law?

Law and Global Health is your chance to examine the growing intersection of international law with global health risks. Our approach enables you to deepen your understanding of abstract theoretical issues before applying them to ‘real life’ examples. We will take a unique approach in considering all steps from law-making to the enforcement of international standards.

We will critically explore a range of contemporary issues, including the threat to global health from infectious diseases such as pandemic influenza and Ebola. We will also consider the structural challenges presented by non-communicable diseases such as obesity.

Rigorous reflection and critical discussion will centre on the current governance challenges including the migration of health care workers, intellectual property rights and benefit sharing amongst international community. The module ends by considering plural systems of norms and law in international health governance, and, their advantages and limitations.

Our prestigious Law School is home to some of the most highly-regarded and research-active lecturers. This module links with the convenor’s expertise in global health governance and his research in West Africa, global aviation standards and the threat of global pandemics.