International Human Rights (Distance Learning)

This course is an introduction to the field of international human rights law. The course will provide an overview of the various rights that are protected through international instruments, as well as giving a general introduction to the regional and universal systems for human rights promotion. A special emphasis to the UN human rights system and an introduction to the regional human rights protection systems will be given. The course aims to achieve both substantive and procedural knowledge of human rights protection through international systems. Contemporary issues such as human rights and development and the role of NGOs and other non-state actors will form an integral part of the course. The issues will be addressed in a manner that will be accessible for students with a law or social science background. It is understood, however, that all students will have some knowledge of general international law. Topics include:

• Foundations of human rights and international human rights law • Civil and political human rights
Economic, social and cultural rights
State obligations - rights justiciability
• The UN human rights system: The Charter based protection & the Convention based protection
• The Regional Human Rights Systems
• The role of non-state actors in human rights violations and protection
• Human Rights and Development