This course will introduce students to sociophonetics and equip them with the practical skills necessary to undertake a research project in sociophonetics. The course involves a synthesis of theoretical approaches and practical methodologies, and aims to introduce students to key issues and common analyses in the field. Students will learn how to use acoustic analysis software, such as Praat, and also learn to carry out data processing and analysis using R (a statistical programming language). There will also be the opportunity to integrate sociophonetic analysis with appropriate statistical methods and aspects of social and linguistic theory. The course will be structured around a series of topics that require students to analyse a particular area of phonetics in terms of its potential sociolinguistic significance.

Our sociophonetics course is designed for students who have already some undergraduate background in phonetics (including the International Phonetic Alphabet, articulatory descriptions, some basic acoustic phonetics). Please contact the course convenors if you wish to discuss this further.