Business Management Challenge

The first of the four ‘Challenges’ on the Lancaster MBA, the Business Management Challenge is a four day simulation in which, working in small teams, you manage a business through an eighteen month period. It addresses the real, complex organisational issues involved in developing and deploying a ‘go-to-market’ strategy. As in the real world, each team is given the initial investment capital required, which you can use, for example, to build a factory. At the end of your ‘simulated’ first year of trading, your team prepares an investment pitch, to present a convincing case to the board of the holding company in order to acquire further funding to grow the business. You then continue trading for two further quarters, giving you time to act upon the funding decisions and make any additional changes. This learning experience is invaluable as you can apply the learnings of the first 10 weeks of the programme to a ‘real life’ situation of business management, in an integrative way. This action-learning challenge stress tests your cognitive and collaborative conduct, requires you to use many of the skills you have already acquired and generates a substantial opportunity for powerful experiential learning.