Global Corporations: Legal & Political Economic Issues (distance)

Each year the syllabus will likely draw on a range of issues simila to this indicative summary of its week by week subject focus.

Introduction - what is the corporation? What is its place in the current/contemporary global system of political economy?

Analysing the corporation:

Understanding corporate structures I: Political, legal and social history of the corporation

Understanding corporate structures II: Legal personality, limited liability, and the market for ownership

Mapping corporate relationships: Networks, contracts and markets the supply chain

Measuring the power and influence of corporations: Relative size, modes of influence and corporate power

Corporations in the global system:

Different ways of being a corporation: From supply chains to integrated conglomerates

The corporation and (international) taxation: Transfer pricing, off shore domiciles and corporate tax efficiency

The corporate (global) political economy and its discontents: Understanding the critics of the corporate sector

Is Corporate Social Responsibility possible? Can corporations factor in the social good in their operations?

Do corporations rule the world? Do we live in a world where corporations shape our lives?

Selection of contextual/background readings (non-exhaustive)

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