International Business in Context

The purpose of this elective module is to give EMBA students the opportunity to explore how business is done in an

unfamiliar location. It serves as an integrating modules for the EMBA programme, asking students to draw on

ideas from across the programme to help with their analysis of the country they are visiting.

The module will have three formal components:

1.preliminary online activity during which students will be introduced to the recent development of their

chosen countries economy and some of the issues specific to business and management within that

economy, for both local and international organisations

2.A visit to the chosen country. Local faculty will amplify the discussion of issues and provide appropriate

formal contextualisation for field visits to both corporate and other locations that will provide opportunities to

observe and understand business and other economic and social activity relevant to business in the chosen


3.On return, students will write an individual reflective paper

There is an additional charge for this elective option.