Erasmus is a European Union programme which provides grants to students undertaking a study or work placement in Europe as part of their degree.

Erasmus placements typically take the form of a year or term abroad in your second or third year. Placements are not available to first year students. Your Departmental Erasmus Adviser will be able to advise you on how a placement can form a part of your degree.

Erasmus placements are available in many European countries. Where you can go depends on which subject you are studying.

What Financial Support is available?

Erasmus Grants for 2013/14 will be at a flat rate of €275 to €375 per month depending on the country of the placement.  For partial month periods, a partial allocation is made.  The Erasmus Grant is not intended to support a placement abroad but to contribute to the extra cost involved in studying abroad.

Students who spend a period of study overseas as part of their course may be entitled to a higher rate of student loan, provided the period of study undertaken overseas runs for a minimum of eight consecutive weeks.  Please contact your student finance company about this.  Please note that to qualify for an Erasmus grant, you must study or work abroad for a minimum of 3 months.

How Can I apply?

Your Departmental Erasmus Adviser can advise on placement opportunities and whether or not these are eligible for an Erasmus Grant.

To apply for an Erasmus Grant you will need to complete the grant application forms.

Further Information

For questions about the Erasmus funding itself contact the International Office’s Erasmus Team.

For questions about placements and the opportunities available to you please consult your Departmental Erasmus Adviser.