Study Options

You can attend as part of an exchange scheme with your home university, if there is an exchange agreement in place or as a fee paying student.

When can I study?

You can study at Lancaster for:

  • Michaelmas term (October-December)
  • Lent & Summer terms (January-June)
  • Full academic year (October to June)
  • You can also study for a calendar year (January-December) if that fits best at your home university.
  • We also offer an Understanding Britain programme which runs for four weeks from mid-August each year and is worth four US semester credits or eight ECTS credits.

You must have completed a year of study at your home university before coming to Lancaster.

What can I study?

Courses are available in over 30 departments including science and technology, business and management, arts and social sciences, biomedicine and health.

These may be taken as an accredited part of your degree.

Maximum Credit Load

  • Michaelmas term:  24 ECTS, 12 US Semester credits
  • Lent/Summer terms:  32 - 40 ECTS, 16 - 20 US Semester credits
  • Full year:  60 - 64 ECTS, 30 - 32 US Semester credits

Course levels

British students take 3 years to attain their Bachelor’s Honours degree and courses are numbered to correspond with the year in which they are generally taken by British undergraduates. First year courses are generally HE level 4, second year HE level 5 and third year HE level 6.

100 – first year; 200 – second year; 300 – third or final year

Students from North America:
100-level courses are usually equivalent to lower division courses.
200 and 300-level courses are usually equivalent to upper division courses.


This is normally by coursework (essays, class tests, seminar/tutorial work, lab work) and final examination.


Thank you for your interest in studying at Lancaster University under the Erasmus+ exchange programme. We welcome around 120 Erasmus+ exchange students each year.

To take part in the Erasmus+ programme at Lancaster, you need to first contact the departmental Erasmus+ coordinator at your home institution to express your interest.

You can only study under the Erasmus+ programme if your home University has an Erasmus+ agreement in place with us.  If we do not hold an Erasmus+ agreement with your home University, you may be able to come to Lancaster University on a fee-paying basis with the Study Abroad Programme.

Please read Lancaster University’s Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), our European Policy Statement (European Policy Statement) and the Erasmus Student Charter (European Student Charter).

Sciences without Borders

The Science without Borders Programme enables Brazilian students to receive scholarships for one-year undergraduate sandwich programmes, and full research PhDs.

Science without Borders is administered in Brazil by CAPES and CNPq.  For information on how to apply for Science without Borders Scholarships, detailed information is available on: