Travel Plan

Lancaster University is continually improving it's Travel Plan. This provides the strategic direction for transport and commuting at Lancaster University against the following key objectives:

  • Reduce dependence on travel by car, by encouraging greater use of car-sharing, public transport, walking and cycling
  • Lead to energy savings, less traffic pollution, and less congestion
  • Reduce parking pressure
  • Enhance public perceptions of the University and all who work there
  • Contribute to the health of all who work or use the site
  • Ensure the site is economically and environmentally sustainable.

A key delivery mechanism of the Travel Plan, in pursuit of the above objectives and targets for reducing the proportion of staff and students commuting alone by car, is the annual Car Parking Policy.

Monitoring and Review

The Travel Plan undergoes a full review every five years. Staff and student travel surveys are conducted every three years as part of the review process to monitor the progress the University is making towards its travel targets and to gain valuable feedback and ideas from Staff and Students.

The third edition of the University's Travel Plan 2016 - 2020 is currently under development following the staff and student travel surveys in Autumn 2015.