Reporting and Performance

Measuring the effect of what we do is how we gauge the success of our environmental strategies. The results help us make changes that keep us on course.

Our performance is monitored internally through our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and externally through bodies such as People & Planet Green League. In both measures we are intent on securing year on year improvement.

Annual Environmental Report

Each of our key actions in respect of our environmental performance is measured against a target. Our KPIs are reviewed in an Annual Environmental Report which details our progress in everything from carbon emissions to energy consumption to waste and recycling.

You can find the latest Report here.

Green League

The People & Planet Green League is the only independent league table showing the environmental and ethical performance of UK universities.

We are committed to building Lancaster University’s future on sustainable practices and aim to achieve ‘first class’ award recognition as a result of our actions.

If you would like to help, become an Environmental Champion or find more on People & Planet Green League.