The Statistics and Operational Research Centre for Doctoral Training (STOR-i CDT) is a joint venture between the departments of Mathematics and Statistics and Management Science at Lancaster University, which offers a four-year PhD programme in Statistics and Operational Research (STOR) developed and delivered with industrial partners.

The core of STOR-i's research philosophy is an integrated approach with a continual research cycle, encompassing methodology and application within statistics, OR and industry.

STOR-i harbours internationally recognised expertise in statistical modelling and inference, forecasting, optimisation, simulation and stochastic modelling with a particularly strong focus on computationally intensive approaches. There are a host of sub-areas in which STOR-i have particular strength including:

  • change-point analysis
  • extreme value theory
  • heuristic methods
  • mathematical programming
  • time series analysis
  • spatial statistics
  • stochastic dynamic programming
  • stochastic programming.

STOR-i's expertise in the above areas plays a part in key areas of importance to todays society. These form some of the core research themes at STOR-i:

  • energy
  • environmental change
  • green logisitics
  • healthcare.

Further information on STOR-i and its research can be found on the main website.