Andrew Austin

QPAN Enhanced Privacy: Simplified, Relationship-Based Sharing on Facebook - 4th Year UG Project

Report (.pdf) - Download
Use QPAN Enhanced Privacy - Click Here. Requires a Facebook account. Will not post to Facebook without your authorisation. (Privacy Page)
Source Code (.zip) - Download

Other Documents

Experiment Documents (.docx) - The information sheets given to participants, the questionnaires they filled, as well as sheets used by me to fill out results - Download

Raw Results (.xlsx) - Digitised raw results of the experiment - Download

Original Project Proposal (.pdf) - Download

A New Source Code Explorer - 3rd Year UG Project

Report (.pdf) - Download
Java Source Code Explorer Program (.jar) - 32-Bit, 64-Bit
Source Code (.zip) - Download

Other Documents

Given to Participants (.zip) - Sheets of information / questionnaires participants in the Controlled Experiment were given. - Download

Caroms Source Code (.zip) - The original "Caroms" source code that was analysed by participants in the Controlled Experiment. - Download

Experiment Results (.xlsx) - The "Raw" results of the Controlled Experiment, as an Excel spreadsheet. - Download

Finished Source Codes (.zip) - The source code of the Caroms project after each participant had finished editing it, in a .zip file. - Download

Initial Designs (.zip) - Images showing the original design ideas for the JSCE. - Download

Existing Source Code Comprehension Tools (.docx) - A short document detailing strengths and weaknesses of other Code Comprehension tools found online. Created prior to designing the JSCE. - Download


Eco Driving Tutor - 2nd Year UG Project

Report - Download
Compiled Application (.apk, for Android 2.1 and above) - Download
Source Code (Eclipse Project Folder) - Download

Working Documents

Test Code - From when I was learning how the accelerometer worked and the basics of programming for the Android platform:

Given to Participants - A .zip file containing all of the documents participants in the study were given:

Raw Data - From the participant who got a decent amount of data to me. Note the timestamps on the filenames are in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH (Hour). "Acc Log" files contain the graph data the participant was given in real-time. The "results log"s are a summary of the data they see at the end (minus the graph).

Survey - The online survey given to participants has now been closed for responses, but here's a copy of it (with results):

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