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This is the main body of text and is displayed into a paragraph. This can be shown by the break in the two parts as seen below.

As you can see the second part of this paragraph is spaced out and makes this a lot easier to read. This makes it a whole lot better when being able to read large amounts of text.

This is going to show an example of emphasis on text. As you can see this has an emphasis.


As you can see below, an example of adding an image to a web page. This is showing a scaled image.

Wind Turbine

Small image of Wind Turbine from Google.


This is going to show a hyperlink to a particular website. As you can see this is a link to Google. This is a popular website.

This is going to show the usefulness of listing. Below is an example of a list of Colleges at Lancaster University. Click each link below to take you to a specific page


Here is an example of a table, aligning two images.

Small Image for Table Small Image for Table