Towards Real-time Modelling of Emergent Displays Using Mobile Video

SCC320: Working Documents - John Croker

FYP Report:



src (just .java files)

full src (entire project folders for use with Eclipse)

Running the apps:

To get the apps on to an android phone you will need an Eclipse environment running the Android SDK (tutorial here). If you are not familiar with Android development use this tutorial here. Have the phone connected to the computer via USB. First run the 'adb' tool on the command line. This can be found at "/platform_tools/adb" within you SDK folder. This will bridge the phone and the computer allowing for socket communication. Once that is done install/run one of the apps from the IDE. Once the app has loaded on the phone, run the control application which you can leave alone from here on out (the computer needs to connected to a Firefly LED array for this to work). Now you can control the lights from the phone and run test via the buttons on screen.

Results Used in FYP Report:

data (Organized by applications as discussed in report)