Going Green at Lancaster University: Campus Energy Saver

Final Year Project by Bryony Hall

Working Documents

Working Documents for my Final Year Project, including all source code, databases, documents and user completed questionnaire results can be found here. To use the source code Apache and MySQL must be downloaded onto the machine with PHP be able to be used. Personally I used, and reccommend Xampp for simplicity of using the system

For Xampp: http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html

Once installed the URL (for xampp) for viewing the system is http://localhost/project/Pages/home.php
- Final Year Project Report
Source Code
- The source code has been saved to a zip file "sourceCode.zip" this needs to be unzipped, the project folder within holds all source files - if using Xampp the project folder needs to be placed in \Xampp\htdocs
- Source Code for Campus Energy Saver
- The database has been saved to a zipped file "database.zip" the database name is goinggreen as the inner folder says. Do not rename the inner folder.
- If using Xampp the goinggreen folder needs to be stored in Location Xampp has been stored in \Xampp\mysql\data (e.g. C:\Xampp\mysql\data)
- Database for Campus Energy Saver
Planning All the documents involved in planning the system
Help Documents
Architecture Diagrams Diagrams to illustrate the system architecture, the database structure and a basic diagram for how the system interacts with other components.