FYP 2013 - Travel Bingo

This is the working documentation page for Travel Bingo - a final year undergraduate project by Curtis Kennington. This project aims to reinvent the traditional game of counting cars during long car journeys by creating a mobile app for children aged 6 to 12.


Project Report
Project Proposal (Appendix A)
Ethics Form (Appendix B)
Participant Information Sheet/Consent Form (Appendix C)
Qualitative Evaluation Questionnaire (Appendix D)
UI Design Sketches (Appendix E)
Acceptance Tests (Appendix F)
Qualitative User Evaluation Questionnaire (Appendix G)
Quantitative User Evaluation Questionnaire Testing (Appendix H)
Quantitative User Evaluation Questionnaire (Appendix I)
Project Gantt Chart (Appendix J)

Application Screenshots

Click here to download.

iOS App Source Code

The iOS App source code may be run on Xcode using the iPhone Simulator (iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5G are currently the only supported devices with a size size of 4"). If you wish to install it on your own personal device, you must be part of the Apple iOS Developer program. Further information is held in the readme.
Download the iOS App source code

High Score Server Source Code

The High Score Server source code runs on a webserver running Apache, PHP and MySQL. During development, a virtual machine running Debian was used.
Download the High Score Server source code