The Chaplaincy Centre

Photograph of The Chaplaincy Centre

The unusual shape of the Chaplaincy Centre makes it an extremely eye-catching addition to the university. It dominates the skyline and has become the main university logo. The centre itself was designed in a way that avoided bias and exclusion because it does not favour one, specific religious denomination. Its design clearly reflects the diversity of the university and its construction represents part of a wider bid to halt the move towards humanism in British universities during the 1960’s.

Initially, three crosses adorned the spires but in June 1968, the student editorial Carolynne reported that students were considering a “sit-down” protest to prevent work being done on the centre because they believed that the presence of three crosses would stop students of other faiths from worshipping there. The third cross was duly taken down and remains empty to this day.

It was decided that the church would have 2 linked chapels; one for joint Anglican and Free Church use and the other for followers of Roman Catholicism. A huge sweeping screen separates the different chapels, however, the screen can be drawn back for collective worship. Within the shared section, a suite was built for Jewish meeting and worship. Flats have been erected on the first floor for resident chaplains.

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