Photograph of the Friary & Firkin PubIn 1963, the land that would become the Bailrigg campus was little more than a field. The new students had to be accommodated somewhere, and so the University found itself temporarily based in the city.

A lecture theatre and the University’s first JCR were based in Centenary Church, a former congregational church, just across from the old factory premises of Waring and Gillow, which was used to accommodate the new students.

Centenary Church, now known as The Friary & Firkin Pub, became home to the JCR. Many of the early students remember having lectures in the building too, seated on wooden pews.

Many new students were housed in Morecambe. Photograph of the Grand Theatre home of some early lecturesThe Grand Theatre was leased as a main lecture room and 112 and 114 within the St Leonard’s area became teaching and recreational rooms. The library occupied the old workshops of Shrigley and Hunt on Castle Hill.

The old library was originally housed in what was once the workshop of the famous stained glass window manufacturers, Shrigley and Hunt. After the library moved to St Leonard’s House, the building became “Shababb’s”, a curry restaurant. There are monogrammed tiles on the front door and a stained glass window at the front of the building, all of which were created by Shrigley and Hunt. Photograph of the original site of the University Library

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