Sporting Estate

By 1841, the whole of the Bigforth estate had passed to William Treasure Redmayne of Amwell, originally from Bury in Hertfordshire. Leonard Redmayne (William’s father) raised himself from an obscure position to the head of the firm of Gillows. He was also one of the first directors of the Lancaster Banking Company. He was Mayor of Lancaster in 1842, and died in 1869. William Treasure Redmayne was Leonard’s only son. William, a deputy Lieutenant of Lancashire, died in London on November 30th, 1849, aged 42 years.

It is likely that William Treasure Redmayne was responsible for the conversion of the site into a sporting estate. The framework of woodland had been planted as cover for game, parts of this have survived to the present day.

We can see what the site looked like in the 1840s from the first Ordnance Survey map of that decade.

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