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The 'Junior Common Room' describes you, because you are the JCR, along with everyone else in the college. But what's it for? Surely you're old enough to deal with the issues you face by now aren't you? Thing is, the JCR isn't exactly designed for that purpose, it's designed to promote and engage students into participating in university and college life, especially if you are a first year, but it does provide a backup, just in case you do need some help along the way.

Meet our current JCR and make sure you join the Cartmel facebook page to find out more about events going on in the College.


Laura Trotter

Phoebe Peachment- President

Hey Cartmelians (and any future Cartmelians),

I’m Phoebe and I’m your President, and also happen to be a second year economics student. For those who know me I’m an avid Cartmelian and for those yet to know me, you’ll soon find out how much I love the college! As a president I really want to make your college experience as amazing as possible and shape the college to be exactly what you all want it to be… after all it is YOUR college! I’m really excited to see what we can make of the college this year, and to make it the best year in Cartmel History! Any ideas, just drop me a message!


HelenaGeorge Webster - Vice President, Education and Welfare

Hey, I’m George your Vice President for Education and Welfare, I’m a second year computer science student. With over 3 years experience in youth work with young adults I’ve dealt with many educational and welfare related issues and always been available to talk to and this is something I’m bringing forward to this JCR role. If there’s anything you’d like to get in touch with me about please don’t hesitate to do so, I’m here to work for you!


CraigLauren Clements- Vice President, Socials and Events

Hey, I'm Lauren - your VP of Socials and Events! I'm a second year English Language and Linguistics student with a passion for partying. If you have ideas just drop me a message at.






Jordan Richards - Democracy and Finance Officer

Hi I'm Jordan, Democracy and Finance Officer extraordinaire. I'm right good with numbers, not so much with words though. If you want to get in touch feel free to contact me on Facebook.




Asad Dharamsey - Social Secretary

Hey, I'm Asad!   I'm doing a degree in Politics and I'm your Social Secretary so I'm in charge of planning all the socials. If you ever see me in the JCR, feel free to let me know if you have any ideas for socials, or drop me an email.




Divyansh Jalan - Social SecretaryNeha

I am a 2nd year international student, studying business studies. I am the social secretary of cartmel who is gonna organise a lot of fun events for the next year. Feel free to contact me for any of your queries and i will try to sort it out.



AnouckOana Budurea - International Welfare Officer

Hi I'm Oana, your International Officer. I'm currently in my last year doing engineering, meaning I am trying out all the possible ways of procrastination. I am here to help everyone feel more included in the university life and celebrate the diversity of our college. Whenever I'm not around Barker House you can probably find me in the Engineering Building struggling with my dissertation or in my room watching the latest Netflix additions. I'm always on campus and always up for a chat so feel free to email or message me or come and say hi.



Emily Parsons - Women's Welfare Officer

Hey, I'm Emily, the Women's Welfare Officer for the second year running and a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student. I'm almost always around college for a chat or feel free to drop me an email if there are any issues you want to talk about.



Andrew Connell - Men's Welfare Officer

Hi! I am Andrew. I am a first year Maths and Physics student. Yes I can provide you with free condoms but I can also point you in the right direction to put you in contact with the people or organisations who can offer help with any problems or difficulties. So drop in if you have any questions or queries about any issue- no problem too big or small. Please contact me at



Arnold McCullough- Events Technician

My name’s Arnold, I’m the Cartmel Events Technician and a third year engineering student. I always hate writing about myself because no words can describe me. It’s my job to manage and maintain the stage and A.V. equipment for the college and to hire out further equipment that’s required.


Abigail Dutton - Magazine Editor


Hi, I'm Abigail and I'm a second year Linguistics student. I'm the magazine editor for Cartmel's college magazine, The Griffin. We're always looking for people to contribute to The Griffin, so if you want to write an article, draw a cartoon, or take photographs then just drop me a message at






Ellie Woodward - Comms Officer

Hi guys! I'm Ellie one of your Comms officers for this year- I'm a first year accounting and finance student and look after the social media so if you have any ideas to improve or want to get involved feel free to drop me a message on Facebook or at email me.






Billy Callway - Comms Officer

Hi I’m Billy, a second year Computer Science & Design student. I am one of two communications officers and it’s my role to let you know about anything to do with Cartmel. I mainly work on Facebook, making posters, creating events and live-streaming Cartmel sports matches. Got any ideas or anything we should be telling Cartmel about? Drop me a message!





Alistair Welford - Sports Officer

Hey, I'm one of the Sports Officers for our beloved Cartmel College which means I get to look after our college's football and netball teams, as well as promoting various sports around the college. If you want to find out more about our college sports or other uni clubs I'm more than happy to chat over a beverage or two, I'm sure I'll always be around for anything you want to talk about, like what's this Patriots thing or how to use the washing machines;) And remember to always have a mild dislike for Furness College!


Charlotte Andiyapan - Sports Officer

Hi, I'm Charlotte and I'm one of the sports officers so my mainresponsibility is Patriots which I'm really excited for! I'm a second year maths student, and I'm also co-captain of the Cartmel Netball B Team x If you have any ideas for Patriots or anything sports related send me an email.










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