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All members of the University staff are members of a college and are also known as ‘senior members’, but in addition the college also has a small number of staff working within the college to look after members’ needs.


Principal - Tom Buckley


Phone (01524) (5)94417

As College Principal, Tom is responsible for overall strategic leadership, management and oversight of College operations.  He will also represent the college within the broader university community as a member of the University Senate and other venues.  He will work closely with the JCR, SCR and overall college membership.Tom’s other position with the university is Director of Recruitment, Admissions and International Development.  This role involves work here at Lancaster’s Bailrigg Campus as well as our overseas teaching locations and a wide variety of external partners worldwide.

Vice Principal - James Davies


Phone (01524) (5)92199James Davies

James has been a member of Cartmel since beginning his undergraduate degree at Lancaster in 2008.  He was an active junior member of the college and served on the JCR exec for two years as AV Technician.  James went onto do a MSc in Statistics and joined the College Advisor Team in 2011.

During his time as a student James worked part time for LUSU, initially as part of the Events Crew then accepting a full time position when he completed his masters in September 2012 as Events and Tech Coordinator.  James joined UKSRO as a Student Recruitment Officer in April this year, he has continued with his role as a College Advisor and has been an active and committed member of Cartmel SCR over the past four years.  We are confident that he will represent Cartmel well and will contribute much to the college and wider university community.

College Manager and Assistant Senior Advisor - Cath Fletcher


Phone (01524) (5)92431

Cath FletcherCath Fletcher is the College Manager and her main role is to ensure the smooth running of the College and provide support to the College Principal, College Officers and JCR Exec. If you encounter any problems at all, from being homesick to finding yourself in financial difficulties, then Cath will be your first port of call, no problem is too big or indeed too small. She is always willing to offer soothing words and a cup of tea! If Cath can’t help you then she will certainly be able to point you in the right direction. There is always help at hand in the College or wider University and you can be assured that all conversations are confidential. Settling into a new environment can be a daunting experience but you’re not on your own, we are here to make sure that you have the best experience possible and enjoy every minute of your time at University. Cath’s Office is A22 between the JCR and the Porters’ Lodge. You’re more than welcome to drop in at any time with any query.

Accommodation Manager- Andrea Townsend


Phone (01524) (5)92455

Andrea TownsendAndrea Townsend’s main duties is the responsibility for the day to day management of the accommodation within Cartmel. She is more than happy to help with advice or guidance surrounding your accommodation or payment of fees.
Cartmel’s accommodation is very popular, all en-suite with some beautiful views over surrounding countryside from many of the rooms! Most of the accommodation has eight rooms per flat, although a few areas have less rooms. All rooms have a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, bookshelves, drawers and coat hooks – all are fully carpeted and curtained. All rooms are non-smoking.
You are expected to bring your own crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, towels, tea towels and washing/cleaning items. There are plenty of areas to eat on campus and at Barker House Farm Food Court which Cartmel is lucky to have right on our doorstep.
Cartmel’s Deanery can be called upon to intervene if there are any particular issues such as noise in residences, but if you have any residence queries or issues or just want to pop in for a chat any time you are very welcome to do so. Andrea is right next to the Porters Lodge in Cartmel College, room A15.


Dean - Tom WebbLyndsey Egerton


Phone (01524) (5)94570

Tom is here to ensure that you have a safe and relatively peaceful time during your stay in Cartmel. Working alongside the Assistant Deans, Joe, Helena and Martha investigate and resolve and disciplinary issues that crop up.


Pam ForsterSenior Advisor - Pam Forster


Phone (01524) (5)94710

As Senior Advisor, Pam is responsible for the College's welfare system. He recruits and oversees the work of the Advisors and generally ensures that the College pastoral provision operates as it should.  Pam is always happy to provide advice to any member of the college if they are experiencing difficulties. 


Julian MorrisCollege Wellbeing Officer - Julian Morris


Phone (01524) (5)93672




The College Porters


Phone (internal extension number) 92304

Jonathan, Simon, Ben, Chris and Gary's duties are numerous. Many of these are mundane but essential to the running of the college. So, from time to time, when you really need the porter because you have locked yourself out and you're wearing nothing but a towel, he will undoubtedly be in the mail room or out buying a bacon sandwich! Joking aside, the porters are usually the first port of call for the 1001 questions that you will have regarding the college and the uni, and there is a porter on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week during termtime. The porters are here to make your life in Cartmel as easy as possible. If the porter cannot answer your query, he should, theoretically, know someone who can. Problems relating to maintenance, whether in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or in your flat in general, should be reported online, if you are unable to access the online service, you can report the problem to the Porter on duty.


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