“Project ISOLUS is committed to the timely development and implementation of a solution for the dismantling of the UK's defuelled nuclear powered submarines which inspires public confidence, is safe, environmentally responsible, secure and cost-effective.”


If you have come to this site from a bookmark or search engine, please note that this is no longer the official ISOLUS Information Website.

You can find the new website at www.isolus.org.uk

The new website is hosted by Wagstaffs Design who are a subcontractor to Green Issues Communications (www.greenissues.com). Green Issues Communications has taken over from CSEC, Lancaster University as convenor for the MoD.

CSEC, Lancaster University is no longer under contract to the MoD.
We wish Green Issues Communications every success.
We would also like to thank all those who engaged with the consultations in 2001 and 2003.

This old version of the website will remain on line for two weeks (from Friday 5th June 2009) as a backup. After that everything except this page with the above redirect message will be taken off line.



8th ISOLUS Advisory Group meeting Tuesday 7th July 2009, location to be announced>

DRAFT Notes of 7th ISOLUS Advisory Group meeting published yet to be formally agreed by the IAG members>

Notes of 7th MoD ISOLUS Steering Group meetings published >

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