Another Way To Be Entrepreneurial (like attracts like)

Oct 20

Theres an old saying. If you want to be a millionaire then hang around with millionaires.Its the same for those wanting to be entrepreneurs. In my job I work with a lot of people I would describe as entrepreneurs., both highly successful ones and ones still finding their way. I seriously believe that I have become more entrepreneurial as a result of spending time with these people as well as developing my “busines nouse.” They ask questions that the non entrepreneurial don’t and they tend to get excited by ideas and possibilities and hhave high energy levels.

Its because of this observation that rather than run the usual workshops I have traditionally done this term I am running simple “Coffee With Entrepreneur” sessions. Basically you come along grab a coffee and talk to an entrepreneur. I really think this is a great way to make contacts and learn.  For more information on these sesssions go here.  On the 1st of November I also have Waqas Khan, a management School alumnus coming onto campus to guve a talk. A highly successful entrepreneur he is on the look out for students with good business ideas to invest it. For more information and to book a place for his talk go here.

If you really want to be more entrepreneurial then start hanging out with entrepreneurs!

Need An Idea? Ive Got An Answer!

Oct 06

 Got the ambition?

Want to set up your own business?

Desperate to be an entrepreneur?

But theres just one problem!

You don’t have an idea!

You’ve sat there and thought. Thought so hard that you’ve almost given yourself a hernia and still not come up with anything remotely viable.

Stop thinking! I have the answer.

I’m going to argue that good business ideas come from four main sources.

Those sources are:

  • Passions
  • Hobbies
  • Things that frustrate or anger you
  • Necessity

Start focusing on these things when you’re thinking about business ideas.

If you want to turn your mind into an ideas factory then book a place on my Business Ideas Generation Workshop.

Ask a Question and be Entrepreneurial!

Oct 06

In my last post I told you my definition of the word “entrepreneur”.

I put forward the idea that being an entrepreneur is about adding value usually but not always in a business context.

For some people (those usually recognised as entrepreneurs by the rest of society) adding value is their normal mindset. For the rest of us it is something that we do sporadically when we need to or when we can be motivated to do it. We can however increase our “adding value” ability quickly and easily by doing one very simple thing.

Asking questions and then acting on the answers we receive.

Not enough of us ask intelligent questions and its really not that hard to do!

Ive spent a lot of time around successful entrepreneurs (mostly in a business context) and the one thing they all have in common is that they ask questions and don’t stop asking those questions until they get an answer that makes sense to them.

They ask questions such as

  • Why do we do it like that?
  • What would happen if we did it like this?
  • Why isn’t there one of those?
  • Why isn’t everyone doing that?
  • Whats wrong about this?
  • Whats missing here?

If you want to be more entrepreneurial start asking questions.  And if you have any really good ones then email them to me at

Define The Word “Entrepreneur” For Me!

Oct 06



These are words I seem to be hearing more and more especially with the imminent arrival of Global Entrepreneurship Week!!

But what do they mean? How do you know if you’re an entrepreneur or that what you are doing is entrepreneurship?

There are many different answers depending on who you talk to or which books you read. Some people believe you have to take risks to be an entrepreneur. Others believe that a successful businessman is an entrepreneur while still others believe that if you have your own business you’re definitely an entrepreneur.

Perhaps slightly controversially, I would disagree with all of the above!

In my humble opinion an entrepreneur is someone who takes upon themselves the responsibility to add value usually but not always in a business context.

This means you could be working for an organisation and still be an entrepreneur (some people would call you an intrapreneur but I really hate that term!). It means you may have nothing to do with business yet still add value and be entitled to call yourself an entrepreneur.

Adding value is a mindset! For some its their normal mindset but for the majority of people it is something that they do sporadically when they feel the need or when they are passionate about something.

Want to know how to get into the adding value mindset and being a bit more entrepreneurial?

Read my next post!


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