Ask a Question and be Entrepreneurial!

Oct 06

In my last post I told you my definition of the word “entrepreneur”.

I put forward the idea that being an entrepreneur is about adding value usually but not always in a business context.

For some people (those usually recognised as entrepreneurs by the rest of society) adding value is their normal mindset. For the rest of us it is something that we do sporadically when we need to or when we can be motivated to do it. We can however increase our “adding value” ability quickly and easily by doing one very simple thing.

Asking questions and then acting on the answers we receive.

Not enough of us ask intelligent questions and its really not that hard to do!

Ive spent a lot of time around successful entrepreneurs (mostly in a business context) and the one thing they all have in common is that they ask questions and don’t stop asking those questions until they get an answer that makes sense to them.

They ask questions such as

  • Why do we do it like that?
  • What would happen if we did it like this?
  • Why isn’t there one of those?
  • Why isn’t everyone doing that?
  • Whats wrong about this?
  • Whats missing here?

If you want to be more entrepreneurial start asking questions.  And if you have any really good ones then email them to me at

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