Define The Word “Entrepreneur” For Me!

Oct 06



These are words I seem to be hearing more and more especially with the imminent arrival of Global Entrepreneurship Week!!

But what do they mean? How do you know if you’re an entrepreneur or that what you are doing is entrepreneurship?

There are many different answers depending on who you talk to or which books you read. Some people believe you have to take risks to be an entrepreneur. Others believe that a successful businessman is an entrepreneur while still others believe that if you have your own business you’re definitely an entrepreneur.

Perhaps slightly controversially, I would disagree with all of the above!

In my humble opinion an entrepreneur is someone who takes upon themselves the responsibility to add value usually but not always in a business context.

This means you could be working for an organisation and still be an entrepreneur (some people would call you an intrapreneur but I really hate that term!). It means you may have nothing to do with business yet still add value and be entitled to call yourself an entrepreneur.

Adding value is a mindset! For some its their normal mindset but for the majority of people it is something that they do sporadically when they feel the need or when they are passionate about something.

Want to know how to get into the adding value mindset and being a bit more entrepreneurial?

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