Interviews: JP’s Top Tips

Jul 29

Interview panel1. First impression are key, sell yourself. Smile, try to make small talk and relax. Make eye contact. Look like you belong!

2. Preparation and research the employer, the job, the team. What may they ask? What do you want to know?

3. Answer the question, don’t waffle and talk about everything under the sun. Don’t be afraid of silence to collect your thoughts.

4. Sell your knowledge, your experience, you abilities and skills. Also you as a person, how you will fit with the team.

5. Why do you want the job? If you can’t answer that Q in a positive way then why are you there?

6. Don’t underestimate body language. Sit upright, maintain eye contact, and don’t fidget. Practice in front of a mirror.

7. Try to develop a rapport. Show energy, smile, show interest in the business and the team. Look like you fit!

8. Take notes in with you & make notes. Difficult 3 part question? Write it down then answer it fully.

9. Stay calm. If you fidget take a bottle of water in with you to hold. Take deep breaths before answering. Practice in advance.

10. The obvious! Look the part, dress for the job you want and be on time, do a trial run! Good luck.

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