Presentations and Pitches: JP’s Top Tips

Jul 26

Jon Powell presenting1. Know your audience. Tailor your presentation to their interests not yours. Get there early set up and meet them!

2. Have a beginning, middle and an end. “Tell them what you will tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you have told them”.

3. Make a good first impression, establish credibility. You can use cartoons, clips, a funny story or stats on the topic.

4. The rule of three, have 3 Key points and repeat them. Have 3 key points and repeat them. Have three key points and repeat them.

5. Don’t forget about body language. Don’t move around too much. Make eye contact, smile, project your voice. Be the expert and enjoy yourself.

6. Don’t rely on notes. You will look more confident and knowledgeable and gain the respect of the audience. If you need to use key word notes.

7. Notes  – If you really struggle without notes how about preparing your presentation as answers to a series of questions you pose.

8. Notes – Use props as visual clues to help you remember the key themes of your presentation. They can also be fun.

9. If you use Powerpoint then remember it is the prop not the presentation! 10 slides, 20 minutes and use large fonts.

10. Don’t be scared of silence. A powerful pause can make a strong point. Develops your self-confidence and discipline!

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